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Amanda Forsythe

  /  Amanda Forsythe

Amanda is a professional bi-active English/French conference interpreter (22 years), a member of Aiic and has a Masters in Advanced Interpreter Training (MAS) from the University of Geneva.
She began learning French after school as an exchange student in Belgium and then went on to study French (and Philosophy) at the University of Johannesburg before being selected to receive a scholarship from the French government to train as an interpreter at the E.S.I.T. in Paris.

She has taught Translation at the University of Johannesburg to 3rd and 4th year students (2014 and 2015) and, more recently, Amanda has taught future interpreter trainers at the University of Geneva (2021), provided training to fellow Aiic colleagues in the Africa region and Guest lectured for Interpreting students at the University of Hong Kong (2021 and 2022).


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