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Dickens Awiti

  /  Dickens Awiti

Dickens Awiti

Guest Speaker


Hello. This is my story.

Nairobi-based Interpreter with more than 17 years experience. Starting out as teacher of French as a foreign language and armed with a passion for languages current affairs and issues germane to human development, I transitioned into interpretation by shadowing and learning from colleagues for 2 years; an experience that proved instrumental as a launch pad into the booth.

I am now a UN accredited freelance interpreter on the Global Language Roster for French and English. I have been working on Spanish as a C-language and hope to add it to my combination soon.

I thrive in the world of ideas and how these can be transmitted; a distinct feature of an interpreter. I relish this opportunity to be part of this training programme. I hope that the path I took will help others chart their own course, taking them even farther and thus improving this profession that is so dear to us.

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